Encajonador de productos tipo WrapAround

WrapAround type product case packer


The equipment consists of a chassis built with closed steel profiles and entrance doors with security sensors.

The general operation is a system that takes the fully unfolded cardboard sheet and molds it on a bucket that folds the two longest sides on the belt advancing one step where an anthropomorphic Robot places the product according to programmed quantities and positions.

Depending on each application, the formats and weights vary from 65 gs to 1000 gs. and the cadence of the equipment at the exit is variable up to 12 boxes/minute.

In the next advance of the bucket, a lateral system folds and sticks the ends by applying injected glue.

In the same step, the upper lid is mechanically folded, the opening flap is finished folding and gluing, then a cooling station is left, where finally the box passes to the exit belt.