Áreas de trabajo

Work areas

Our more than 20 years of experience allow us to form a team of highly trained people and specialize in two areas of industrial automation:

Automation and control

In this area, under high quality systems, we manufacture equipment tailored to your needs, providing continuous engineering and development for a suitable solution for each request.

Emphasizing teamwork, together with you we will achieve great changes that allow you to control and manage your company, using high-quality devices and the best trained personnel to facilitate each execution.

For this we have to offer you joint work in the development of short or long-term projects, setting general guidelines, followed by a design, technical and economic calculation, selection of elements, execution of planimetry, supply, construction, start-up and subsequent services.

In the engineering area we have a staff of programmers trained in the leading brands: Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider and Omron.

We provide "turnkey" solutions covering engineering, project and post-sale service.

The main projects in this area refer to: Programming of machines and equipment, process scheduling, SCADA programming, technology upgrades/migrations, advice on product selection, temperature controllers, processes and complex loops, assembly of power and command boards, calculation and installation of Servo Drive, Installation and wiring of PLC and HMI.

Robotic line ends

Our other area of work is the implementation of robotic line ends. We provide high technical and technological level solutions covering the calculation, design, manufacture and assembly of the fully automatic palletizing system with the possibility of being manufactured in stages in order to allow the interested party to plan investments.

Palletizing systems are characterized by handling the finished product and placing it on pallets for its subsequent transport.

We offer a complete solution from the fractionation exit to the foot of storage. The projects are designed to suit the client, developing them together, from the initial idea to its implementation.

This area includes the design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of: box assemblers, product transportation, boxed in, palletized, pallet transport.